Mindy Alper was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1959, and grew up in Los Angeles. At the age of 4, she began to study with well-known Los Angeles art teacher, Dorothy Cannon, and continued until she was 40. She also studied puppetry with Harry Burnett, Turnabout Theatre, Los Angeles. She then began to study sculpture with Leonard Schwartz, and drawing with Anthony Austin at Immaculate Heart, Los Angeles. She then studied oil painting with Olga Seem Kooyman and drawing with Phyllis Muldavin at Los Angeles City College. The artist currently studies with Tom Wudl and Susanna Maing in Los Angeles. She has had one-artist exhibitions at Raddack Gallery, Los Angeles; Sincere Technologies Gallery, Oakland; Colony Studio Live Theater, Los Angeles; and was included in group exhibitions at the Gay Community Services Center, Los Angeles; Women’s Caucus for the Arts, California State University, Los Angeles; and the Arroyo Arts Collective, Los Angeles.

Alper has also performed in a comedy, “The Love Machine;” was writer and actor in Imagination Workshop, an improvisational performing art theater group, UCLA; and is a founding member of the Buttersticks, a performance group. Her teaching experience has been at Dorothy Cannon Art Studio, Studio City; as a T.A. at Alternative School, Los Angeles; and at the adolescent terminal ward, Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles.  She was a visiting artist at the Experimental Drawing Class, CalArts, Valencia.  Alper has exhibited with the Rosamund Felsen Gallery since 2006. She lives in Los Angeles.