July 9 – September 1, 2016

Grant Mudford
Rosamund Felsen Gallery
Les Biller
Jean Lowe
Karen Carson
Maureen Selwood
Nancy Jackson
Nancy Jackson
Nancy Jackson
Kim MacConnel
Ann Preston
Tanya Haden
Patrick Nickell
Joan Jonas
Jacci Den Hartog
Renée Petropoulos
Judith Barry
John Mills: For Your Eyes Only
Gegam Kacherian
Mindy Alper
Mindy Alper
Mindy Alper
M.A. Peers
Marc Pally
Grant Mudford
C.K. Wilde
Kathleen Henderson
Steven Hull
Karen Liebowitz
Andrew Falkowski

Press Release

July 9 - September 1, 2016

Beginning in 1978, Rosamund Felsen Gallery has represented artists and exhibited artworks that have challenged, furthered and championed the culture of art in Los Angeles.  Opening on La Cienega Blvd, moving to West Hollywood, then Bergamot Station and last year to Downtown Los Angeles, the gallery has experienced memorable art presentations, with curators, writers, collectors and artists participating in the creation of a community around the gallery.


After almost four decades, Rosamund Felsen Gallery will be having its final exhibition; it will include artworks by each of the current gallery artists and will be exhibited with reverie and tremendous pride.  In its way, the final exhibition will be paying tribute not only to all the extraordinary artists who have filled both the gallery space and gallery’s identity over the years, but will also serve as a marking point for the current gallery artists’ ongoing careers.


Though the physical location will be closing after this exhibition, the gallery will continue to maintain an online presence through the gallery’s website:  www.rosamundfelsen.com


Thank you all for your longtime support.